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Dawn Fraser Consulting

Professional Environmental and Sustainability Consultant

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Why we are here

We recognize that businesses and organizations want to act environmentally responsibly and sustainably for everyone’s future. However, small and medium sized businesses may not have the in-house knowledge and resources to know where or how to begin, implement and flourish with these new principles. Not to mention staying on top of current trends in the field is a constant learning curve. 

Dawn Fraser Consulting helps businesses and organizations mitigate their environmental, economic and social impacts and risks. As well, we help them see the opportunities to make a positive contribution in all these areas. We provide a low cost solution that is economically efficient for SMEs. We help to integrate sustainability from decision making to daily processes, from the boardroom to the frontline staff, to help your business set and meet sustainability goals and thrive because of them. 

How we help: 

Organizations are complex with many moving parts, as is addressing the various sustainability goals your company has. Using an integrated process to review, educate, design, and implement your company’s sustainability goals, Dawn Fraser Consulting helps you ensure systematic, meaningful and lasting change in your organization.

Sustainability is a large topic covering environmental compliance, environmental footprint, social and economic impacts, and more. As well, more and more regulators, government funders and investors are requiring information on how companies will meet their own and society's expectations. To stay competitive you need to know where you stand to get where you need to go.  We are here to help you get there. 

Starting at the beginning? We can take one step at a time with you. We offer environmental compliance and an introduction to sustainability to get you on your way. 

On your way, but need the next steps? We can help you with a review of your sustainability and environment management plans and create a sustainability report for your business.

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Sustainability Evaluation and Reporting

The Path to Success

Integrated planning, design and evaluation of the client's sustainability goals, gaps and current achievements. We provide GRI standard sustainability reporting to help our clients communicate their commitment to sustainability to their stakeholders.

Environmental Compliance

Expert Guidance to help you meet your Environmental Obligations and challenges

We help clients achieve their environmental compliance goals from a simple legal obligation review to site compliance audits to a full Environmental Management System creation or audit.

Environmental Scientist

Pollution Prevention Plans

Comprehensive approach to address municipal and regional requirements

We work with our clients to address regulation and by-law requirements before or after an incident, putting a plan in place that the client and the regulators can agree on.

Experience with:

City of Winnipeg Pollution Prevention Plans

Problem Solving and Advice

Expert Guidance

Sometimes you just need a little guidance. We help clients by providing expert advice to find the best approach or solution to their problems.

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Meet Dawn Fraser

With 10+ years of environmental and sustainability experience in the construction and manufacturing industry.  Dawn is a leader in helping companies and the green building community think and act sustainably. She has served as Chair on the board of Sustainable Building Manitoba and contributed to the National Precast Concrete Association creation of voluntary life cycle reporting.  

Leveraging expertise gained in large to smaller community, manufacturing, and industry organizations, she employs innovative and simple solutions that improve energy and resource management.

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Winnipeg, MB

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